Our company has been distributing the highest quality alcoholic beverages for many years, and Kovil brandy has definitely become one of your favorite products.

Brandies produced from carefully selected fruits of the highest quality from domestic plantations. This brandy will delight you with its rich aroma and perfect balance of flavors. She is ready to contribute to every moment of enjoyment with family and friends.

East of Novi Sad, next to the village of the same name, is the Kovilj monastery with a church dedicated to the holy archangels Michael and Gabriel.

The Kovilj Monastery is located in the northern Serbian province of Vojvodina, 20 km east of Novi Sad. It was founded at the beginning of the 13th century by Saint Sava, prince and first archbishop of the Serbian Orthodox Church. The monastery was built on the spot where Saint Sava healed the son of the Hungarian king Andrew II.

Today, the monastery has a large brotherhood and a school of icon painting. Almost half of the monks are highly educated. All of them work on the monastery property of about 250 hectares on different obediences.

They make famous honey, fruit brandies, cognac and walnut liqueur.

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